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Our “enchanted hotel” was founded just opposite an impressive, ancient wrought iron gate, welded by the most expert artisan masters.

A white, arched doorway covered in gray graffiti inscriptions, gave way to very elegant rooms with amazing views that would change the destiny of any observer.

Piano music could be heard everywhere: sensuous, captivating, discreet. A penetrating yet nonintrusive perfume, difficult to identify the essence, captured the spirit of its guests in imaginary, iridescent cocoons, offsetting in an instant one’s fatigue, delusions, anxiety and any other type of adversity. Presiding over all of this was an owl with great yellow eyes. The owl would recount without tire how the hollow tree, in which it once dwelled, one night of a full moon suddenly (and for no apparent reason) transformed itself into the enchanted hotel.

The hotel had dark green shutters, and it was the shutters themselves which would signal to clients when they could depart by flinging themselves open to the hot mountain sun. And so from outside this enormous complex appeared as a continuous opening and closing of window-shutters, clear signs of clients’ arrival and clients’ departure. No usher could have ever done a better job!

Every tormented spirit would close themselves in their assigned room, each furnished with a tiny chest. Here they would describe to themselves all the unhappiness afflicting them, after which they would close the chest and hand it in to management. Thousands of tiny chests of all colors (blue, red, gold, ochre, white) were then arranged in the tea room on a magical carpet which would, upon possessing itself of all the contents, emerge colored in beautiful Greek geometric designs radiating in all directions. Even the most refined of guests would be fascinated by its beauty.

Each of the guests would find themselves there inside, but together with them was also their exact opposite, thus ensuring harmony and peace. Blowing warmth from a corner of the room, the ancient and wise fireplace of the “enchanted hotel” had the amazing ability to distinguish true danger. By simply turning itself on, it would burn evil, yet only the impure side, while at the same time providing warmth and comfort as to retain the good.
At this time outside snow fell silently in the park!

Today the owl no longer lives in the hotel, and it seems that nowhere else in the world could we find tiny, colorful chests where one might store one’s desperation. Even the worn out planks squeak in the wind at night, and the arches which once presented such wonders to the world today are difficult to distinguish.

But if by chance you should find yourself in Cepina and you are able to descend its majestic, dusty steps, you will notice with pleasure that this magical building is still alive as its centuries-old roots are still there underground, anchored in the land, and waiting to bloom once again in the spring.

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